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Spanish in accordance with Dead language in linguistics, a dead language is one that does not change any more over time--it is "frozen" historically because it is no longer used in everyday discourse, but is instead learned only for ritual use, scholarly study, or the preservation of an ancient literature. Classical Latin and Sanskrit are two examples of dead languages. This situation contrasts with a living language, in which old words die out, new ones are added, and existing words change their meaning continuously over time from one generation to the next Literary Terms and Definitions from which this extract has been taken Dead light the fixed, non-operable window section of a window unit Deadline English, German f. Ringing notes in a passage with dead strokes can be indicated with a circle o over them; this is not necessary but can help to clarify.

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View of the Nile River, the longest in the world, from a cruiseboat, between Luxor and Aswan in Egypt. This is a list of the longest rivers on Earth.